April 10

At night on my street I can stand under a street light and be the only person in the spotlight. Be the only person on the planet. Be the only person in the universe. Be so huge that I can’t tell where I begin or where I end. Be all knowing, because I am everything.… Continue reading April 10

April 9

Today feels like the day when I finally win! When I get control of me, and I look back over my shoulder at a dried husk slumped on the sidewalk — that lazy good for nothing finally gone! I look ahead with butterfly’s eyes, lighter than I’ve been since jr. high. Today’s the day!

April 8

You should go back to forest school Find a desk near a nice bird and copy her songs and her sweet voice Hang out with the grass Learn how to be stepped on all day and then pop up all refreshed like you felt nothing Run with squirrels Back and forth, doing the same damn… Continue reading April 8

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

April 7

I do not know what anything is anymore Water Food Sleep Love It seems melodramatic But it is a cheap penny dreadful With too much unneeded drama Arguing over who should wash what Who said what Who thought what With sad violas floating over the mess that it is Everyone traumatized like it was in… Continue reading April 7

April 6

Loaded into the car, driven for miles and hours Dumped on the road without even a puppy blanket Do I think someone will ever come? No. I’ll still hope and have vivid dreams, but no. What we think and what we hope for are often two different things. (You can always tell hope because it’s… Continue reading April 6

April 5

Best remember this: It alternates between sun and cold Like flipping a coin That falls uncaught Through a grate Into dirty rainwater That becomes your wishing well Half through the year almost: What do you want? Will dirty water genie grant you a wish? Or are you playing with a monkey paw, and the more… Continue reading April 5

Negligent Mirror

If I open that door Go in that room Sit at that table Across from those disinterested eyes That look everywhere else If I eat alone in silence Just the click of my jaw The imagined hum of a busy spider Working on a web for me To stick me here If I explore the… Continue reading Negligent Mirror

Winder Solstice 2020

This long night Is waiting like whoever drove to the emergency room after the accident Checking its watch at the sound of a red eye out of Kennedy Do words have the power to unmake the damage? These words, tapped into a phone? On the other side, consider what is done in each second, and… Continue reading Winder Solstice 2020

How to Throw Things Out

There is an end of the line for everything. I’m moving my office, which is in my basement, out to my garage, which I’ve been converting into a combination recording studio/office. My basement office has almost twenty years of stuff from living in my current house, along with loads of other stuff that has followed… Continue reading How to Throw Things Out