Depressed, by the pool


Peter, are you awake?

I saw your eye move I was just thinking that when we get home we should change everything everything

new drapes!

redo the yard!

gut the basement!

Add a man cave you’d like a man cave cosy papa bear cave it would look great in blue with a faux wood floor add that lamp from my mom’s old house

Somethings got to change

This 21st century nowhere

Somethings got to change


You’re listening I know you’re listening

Remember that email I was telling you about the one from “the boss” he just totally ignored everything I wrote him in my email the one a few days ago you remember and I thought how rude but that’s him self-centered like he’s inside of a disco ball like if there was a little room in it and all the lights are on him and the music is all for him and everyone is dressed up for him

Something’s got to change

Everyone here is nowhere

Something’s got to change


Peter, wake up, Peter

There was a time… her voice trailed off and then:

You were different you were interesting you asked questions you were curious you shared ideas and dreams now it seems a wind has found you and taken you away and I’m stuck here did I mention I heard from my boss again this time he acknowledged my email but pretended my ideas were his!

Can you believe it?

Something’s got to change

Look for me in nowhere

Something’s gotta change

There is all this beauty

Don’t see any beauty

There is all this joy

Don’t see any joy

There is all this love

Don’t feel any love

There is all this life