Maybe the next statue

That’s ok if you’re not offended by a statue. Perhaps no one has put up the statue that offends you yet. Maybe something happened in your family’s past that was painful. Maybe someone killed your great great grandpa, or raped your great great grandma. Maybe someone burned the family house down. Maybe someone will put… Continue reading Maybe the next statue


Winter is over and stumbles into spring the bees bumble confused by the flowers up so early confused by a poster of the girl with a bouquet they never reach a pile at her feet of spent lovers forever dowsing as rains come and take them


I’m a challenge tonight She breathed out in her grey voice Nails tapping on her thigh A glance out the window In the lights on a passing car The trees twisting in a witches dance She breathed us all in Let us trickle out of her nostrils And back into a puddle on the table… Continue reading Brigette

Darling Boy

Now we fall Into a pattern we’ll have The rest of our lives Sit on couches Fighting through movies The rest of our lives You get hurt and I get mad The kid grows up I’m no longer dad But I still creep Into your bedroom Every night Mess your hair Pat your backside Never… Continue reading Darling Boy

One of Those Guys

7th and 31st Somewhere btw 25 and 45 That cigarette That tan That shine That smell Whatcha doing here, guy-o? Where’s your mom gone to? Hiding somewhere like a pregnant dog I’ll betcha… I’ll betcha if I was a pregnant dog someone’d stop If I was small with a bent ear Even if’s I had… Continue reading One of Those Guys

Bay Poem

Waterfronts in decaying industrial areas Hint at promises that will not be kept Rusting machinery enjoying a view Side streets with Art Deco buildings and chop shops Can’t see anyone but you’re sure they’re smoking And all the dogs are skinny sad things Climb a hill? A hill the rich seldom come down Into a… Continue reading Bay Poem