Another Beginning

So, here we are again, and we have to begin again. Everyday is new like the sun never came up before if you play your cards correctly. When I was a kid I wanted to be an airplane. I was a weird kid. Other kids did sports. I thought sports were stupid. I ran around… Continue reading Another Beginning

Starting Off Stuck

I’m starting this bit of writing, this whole enterprise (endeavor, extravaganza, disaster, etc.) stuck. I don’t know what to write. I just exhaled and made a “fluppping” sound because my lips sort of buzzed and flapped. Stuck. It seems impossible to be stuck. I have a million things in my head and heart to write… Continue reading Starting Off Stuck

What Lenny Chooses

It’s verging on summer but the temperature hovers at 59 If you were visiting from another planet you might think it was a lucky day in a mild winter So you do a magic trick for that kid in the shop where you get your coffee There’s people walking to the stadium like sports at… Continue reading What Lenny Chooses

Meet the Bear

A new project! Congratulations! You’re starting off on a new project! It doesn’t have to be art, necessarily. It could be design, writing, a new job, entrepreneurship, whatever. There’s something you want to do and there it is, right before you! Actually, no. What’s right before you looks exactly like a dark, scary forest. Trees… Continue reading Meet the Bear

Break-ups and Bad Music

When we last saw our hero he was depressed because his girlfriend ditched his ass. What was wrong with me? Why am I listening to Journey? I hate those guys. Yes, they can play, and yes, he can sing, and yes, those are competent songs, but… WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? Why has Steve Perry… Continue reading Break-ups and Bad Music