Doof Laugh

Doof laugh
Like a horse in pleasure
Like the time the sun was low behind me and I played with my shadow, distorting and remaking myself until the family of strangers (also behind me) couldn’t contain their laughter anymore

Laughing with me
Doof laugh

Is my delight annoying you, dumbass teenager? So much so that you clip my wings and now I sit like a kid that didn’t quite last to the potty.

Learn from me now: 30 years ago, a girl I loved would make a funny face and then kiss me. One day I imitated her. She never made that funny face again, and I’ll miss it forever.

The crow cackles a call to find a mate: the one that hears music in the metal on a blackboardness of it.

You would prefer the crow silent and alone just so you’re “chill.”