What Lenny Chooses

It’s verging on summer but the temperature hovers at 59
If you were visiting from another planet you might think it was a lucky day in a mild winter

So you do a magic trick for that kid In the shop where you get your coffee
There’s people walking to the stadium like sports at church on Sunday

Sitting on a bench eating a plain bagel
plain New York bagel
Why do people think these things are special?
They’re just bland out of shape donuts that no one paid attention to in the manufacturing process
They’re only good as a sherpa for something else – salmon, peanut butter, bacon, a schmear of something:
“That’s you, Lenny,” says Lenny to Lenny.

The kid in the shop is too young to grow up remembering that guy who got the coffee and a bagel, and did a magic trick

You, Lenny: God has decided that you die texting

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